Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The aftermath - getting the car fixed

We took Christine's car to get repaired this morning. At first she didn’t want to drive her car ever again. She wanted a new car. Then she decided it would be OK if she just didn’t look at the damage. God had other plans. I sat in the driver’s seat, turned the key and heard only click- click- click- click- click- click. The battery was dead. It had been so long with the hazard lights flashing. I tried to jump it myself with a small emergency start charger that I carry in my car. It didn’t quite turn over. Christine had to help me with the jumper cables and she couldn’t avoid looking at the front end of her car. She did fine and I couldn’t detect a tremor. We delivered the car to the auto body shop. A guy she knew from high school took down her information and took photos of the damage. She still seemed OK. Then we went to get a coffee. We sat at a table waiting for Seattle’s Best at the local Borders. Now she was pale. She looks like she is about to cry any minute. I ask her if she is OK. She admits that tears are just below the surface. She asks me if I am going to buy her a present because it’s my dog’s birthday. Clearly she is thinking of a little “retail therapy”. She decides a facial and a massage will help her relax and a spa day tomorrow will help. I think we might need a little more therapy than that. I think I’ll contact our doctor about it. I have to see the doctor tomorrow anyway. I need a tetanus booster before my upcoming training on Weapons of Mass Destruction at the National Center of Domestic Preparedness.

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