Monday, May 29, 2017

Because I wanted to be Aunt Bee

Choosing a role model can be an unconscious thing and in my experience we Americans have often found them in on TV or in the movies.  From Mary Tyler Moore as working single woman to Kerry Washington in Scandal, TV women have influenced our image ow women.  From the 1950's and 1960's, I had June Cleaver, Donna Reed and Barbara Billingsley as potential role models.   They were all Moms and wore a mandatory apron.   Instead, I dreamed of growing up an becoming just like Aunt Bee on the Any Griffith show.  Aunt Bee was always kind and she took care of Andy and his family.  She was also tough.  She organized a protest and she put Otis, the town drunk, to work.   She was also a single lady.  She was the extra person in the home who was not truly part of the "nuclear family."  I have always felt like that.  I was welcomed but I was still apart.  Aunt Bee still loved, contributed and was her own person.  I always wanted to be like Aunt Bee when I grew up.

Diane      May 29, 2017

Sunday, September 25, 2016

It's in the Mail - Fresh Clothes with Style!

Unstainable Shirts
I first learned about the Unstainable Shirt from the Today Show.  I was impressed and became a backer on  The very first day I wore my Unstainable shirt I dropped a big glob a chocolate from a Starbucks's croissant onto the front while driving to a meeting.  I thought to myself, well I'll be testing this out sooner than planned.  I followed the instructions cause you don't want the magic coating to be removed and voila - no signs of the chocolate.  I was sold.

Then I decided to get a few more shirts and thought that I would sign up to get a few new items on subscription each season.  After all, I hate shopping for clothes and I love new clothes.  I enjoy seeing this box from Elizabeth & Clark.
Fall Box From Elizabeth & Clarke
The Branwell
The McCord
 These are well designed and comfortable.  The lace elbows on the Branwell are nicely done and not cheesy.  The McCord has interesting textures and a great fit for the shoulders. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Maintaining Friendships - A Reason, a Season or Life

Torry Pines State Beach
I heard this saying and believe it is so true.  Sometimes you rally around and interest, a hobby or a sport and when that interest wanes, your friends from that interest group will also wane.  But other people will keep coming back into your like.  These are the people that notice you are going to be in San Diego for business and say, "Hey, can we get together and catch up."  These are ones you keep for life.  These are the folks that really charge your emotional batteries when you get together for a cup of coffee or a few rolled tacos on a sunny taco stand patio.  Thanks for reaching out Deb Frolicher and Rich Tallman. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Intensive Reading

I have embraced "intensive reading."   I am an avid reader and using audible in combination with kindle, I can switch back and forth.  You can download the kindle app on your iPhone or android and even a kindle.  When these devices are Wi-Fi connected they sync.  I can be listening to the audio version on my phone over the car stereo and then I can pick up where I left off when I open the app on my iPad.  While cooking dinner I can ask Alexa, my Amazon Echo Tower, to read my audible book.  With the sleep timer and I can fall asleep to audible. Image result for audible

Saturday, January 16, 2016

She said 'Yes" to the Dress

The smart thing was to meet at Euro Pane Bakery for a lovely quiche Lorraine and a double cappuccino.  Decisions are best made with a adequate blood sugar and a little caffeine.   We have a 10:00 am appointment at Lovely Bride.  When we reach the address there is a simple door with a speaker doorbell.  This isn't a place you can just walk-in.  Appointments are required.  We clime several stairs to the upper floor where the lighting is bright and natural.  There are racks of gowns - lacy, delicate, beaded and even feathery.  I'm thankful I wasn't present for the 40 earlier dresses, just this final decision.  I'm not sharing any details...not allowed.  She will look amazing.  I'm so happy that she has found "her" gown.  It is such a personal thing and I know she was getting discouraged (remember she tried on 40 other dresses).  I'm happy for her and I'm so proud of my girl. 

January 16, 2016

Friday, January 15, 2016

Yes, I'll sleep with you, but no kissing

Bandit and My Son Rob
21 per cent of Americans sleep with a pet.  According to a survey of 2 countries by the National Sleep Foundation.  Bandit is a Jack (Parsons)  Russell terrier who begins looking at me with sleepy eyes around 9:00 pm when Bandit is ready for bed.  In fact he is doing it as I write this post.  When I come to bed he will paw at me until I lift up the covers and allow him to crawl under the covers where he likes to sleep at my feet.  I know that modern flea control and dewormers have made me more comfortable with this sleeping arrangement.  I know Bandit's health status well.  I still say no to kissing.

Roger Caras — 'Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.' 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Because He Took a Chance on Me

Lawrence D, Longo
    Only two weeks ago Dr. Larry Longo was hoping to convince the trauma surgeon to join him in research.  He was an inspiration and a bright light in perinatal biology and reproductive biology.   For me, Dr. Longo was as big an iconic character as Einstein.  He gave me my first job after college.   I still think it was bold to post a Physiologist position in the San Bernardino Sun.  I learned surgery, data collection and the inner workings of a thriving research program.   My niece is alive today, due in part to the discoveries made by Larry and colleagues.  His passion was intense. 

   Today I visited Loma Linda for a WesternU site visit where I had the opportunity to share stories with other who knew and admired Larry.  Several mentioned Larry had given them one of the historical medical texts.  Larry gave me a pamphlet written in the early days of the bicycle.  The OB/GYN basically explained that it was not advisable for women to to ride a bicycle.  They might become too stimulated.  

   I treasure the time I spent with Lawrence D. Longo and I am glad I was able to stay in touch.  He always was welcoming when I cam back to visit or when we saw each other a science meetings.  My time at Perinatal Biology was certainly a formative experience for me and many others who passed through.  Thank you Larry. 

Diane McClure
January 14, 2016