Saturday, June 7, 2008

I saw him!

Christine says, " I saw him!"
"What?" I reply.
"I saw him! I saw the guy," she repeats, "he has a blue cast on his arm. "
"Did he recognize you?" I ask.
"No, I was in Dad's car. I think it was meant to be. He was, you know, walking around and he was holding his mouth shut because his jaw is broken."
I say, "How do you know his jaw was broken?"
She says, " I heard it break when his face smashed the hood of my car. I was going so slowly and it was his face that did the damage to the hood of the card. I heard it break."
I am amazed, " He is really walking around town?"
"Yeah," she answers, "I guess being drunk helps keep you from being hurt even if you are not in a car. I was meant to see him. Now I know how he is doing."

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