Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh gross! What is that?

So we are spending a glorious day running around town on errands like the Sporting Goods Store and Costco with my 19 year old, Rob. Amazingly was have actually planned this day.....via MySpace, because he doesn't answer other e-mail or phone calls so much.... and because he wants something AND he needs a ride. He wants to get some heavy weight dumbbells to work out with at home. He has been bulking up his arms enormously and I think he needs a little more ab work. We start off waiting for a table for lunch at Olive Garden. We go planning on the unlimited soup and salad bowl but are tempted by chicken parmigiana and lasagna. We wait for a waitress, we wait for bread sticks, we wait for our meal. Rob says, "We sure do spend a lot of time waiting." It really wasn't an especially long wait. It's that any wait is just too long for the instant gratification yearned for by my son and his peers. Finally, we are fueled and feeling good, there is a clear blue sky without the typical wind of Port Hueneme.

We hit Sport Chalet first since it is across the parking lot from Olive Garden. The weights are more expensive that he expected so we head over to the Big 5. The weights are still to pricey and Rob agrees a stability ball would be a good thing. He doesn't want to be seen buying it so I have to take it through the checkout. Well, there were only girls on the package. Then it is Costco time. We load up on supplies. Rob is embarrassed again because I have brought my insulated shopping bag into the store. Hey, American Express and Costco sent it to me as a thank you gift and I think it is totally cool. It has clips to attached to the shopping cart. It zips closed and I can then scoop up the straps and carry it over my shoulder. I am trying to be "green ." In truth, as a veterinarian, I am trained in food safety so I really like the idea of keeping the food as cool as possible. We have loaded up the cart and we get in line to wait again.

To pass the time, I ask to take a look at Rob's new Palm Centro. I might get one too. I want to know if I can read the screen with out glasses. It is pretty light and navs just like my own Palm Life Drive. I look to see the quality of the photos. My stomach cringes and I exclaim, "Oh gross! What is that?" I already know, but I don't really want to recognize it. Rob laughs, "I told you that I have been posting my poop on RateMyPoo.com. That isn't even my best one! Let me show you." "That's OK, I don't wanna see it," I reply. I am saved by the clerk asking for my membership card.

We head for the car and I find it hard to pass the "best deal in town" hot dogs and sodas. I think a soda would be nice. Rob says, "No thanks. There's a 7/11 nearby." "Oh," I reply, "you want a slurpee. Do they still have the Crystal Light flavor?" Rob says, "Yeah, I think they do." I think to myself, "He has no idea if they have the Crystal Light Flavor or not."

After a stop at the 7-Eleven, we return to Rob's apartment, satisfied with our accomplishments for the day. This biggest accomplishment being that we have stayed in good humor and tolerance of each other for the whole afternoon. We put the food away and decide that we still have some tolerance left for each other and decide we can survive a trip to Home Depot for a plastic run...plastic patio table, plastic Adirondack chair, plastic trash cans, plastic trash bags. We are finally done and the sun is going down. As I head home, I take another sip. I am not certain if this glowing fluorescent red cherry-limeade Crystal Light slurpee is radioactive or even if it tastes good. However, I am sure that my tongue is a blazing red by now too.

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