Sunday, September 25, 2016

It's in the Mail - Fresh Clothes with Style!

Unstainable Shirts
I first learned about the Unstainable Shirt from the Today Show.  I was impressed and became a backer on  The very first day I wore my Unstainable shirt I dropped a big glob a chocolate from a Starbucks's croissant onto the front while driving to a meeting.  I thought to myself, well I'll be testing this out sooner than planned.  I followed the instructions cause you don't want the magic coating to be removed and voila - no signs of the chocolate.  I was sold.

Then I decided to get a few more shirts and thought that I would sign up to get a few new items on subscription each season.  After all, I hate shopping for clothes and I love new clothes.  I enjoy seeing this box from Elizabeth & Clark.
Fall Box From Elizabeth & Clarke
The Branwell
The McCord
 These are well designed and comfortable.  The lace elbows on the Branwell are nicely done and not cheesy.  The McCord has interesting textures and a great fit for the shoulders. 

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