Saturday, October 27, 2012

Traveling with Books Set in the Place You're Visiting

Since I was going to be visiting Seattle I wanted a book that was set there.  Since it is October and I just finished the AMC Walking Dead Marathon, I decided to try this zombie story.  It was beyond what I anticipated. Appropriate zombie gore and he geography of Seattle was truly brought home.  Too close.  I was staying just north of the University District and spent the day in the UW research facilities which could have spawn the Seattle zombie apocalypse.  I thought I was too old to be kept awake by a scary bedtime story, especially one the was also pretty funny, I started seeing zombies every where.  I know it's not appropriate to make fun of the guy dragging his leg as he crosses the street in front of the University Mall, but he really did remind me of a did the guy with the stilted gate who was lurching back and forth on the median traffic island in front of Husky Stadium ALL DAY.  In my travelers I visited Pike Market as should every Seattle tourist.  Now I will forever I will imagine a zombie herd moving en masse down the street toward the Market, keeping me from Kukuruzu popcorn or the Westlake Transit Station.

Now, onto a meeting in Oakland CA and Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chapon.

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