Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today's Sunday Edhat

I have reposted the Sunday Edhat.  Today’s post tells the story of Santa Barbara and it view of the universe so well.  I wonder if outsiders could read this and catch a glimmer of how we think about life in our Santa Barbara community.  It eloquently catches the way we approach celebrity and wealth and our love for local history and animals.  Edhat, thank you for your insight.   

-          Diane

July 10, 2011 - The Prince and the Paper

Since the last time we talked, we've had a visit by a prince, and the Santa Barbara News Press celebrated five years of being out-of-favor with the community. Many of you might want to double-down on a pair of "who cares?" The Prince is just some rich guy, you say, made famous by the tabloids. And the News Press? Well, that's just a tabloid made famous by a rich woman.

But, like it or not, the themes of wealth and intrigue are as much a part of the fabric of the American psyche as automobiles and credit cards. People love it. And, most of the rest of them love hating it. Many of us do both, depending upon our mood, and who's listening.

Ed often tells the dedicated staff of that healthy communities are made up of active citizens. And it doesn't really matter whether this engagement is focused is on the recently married or the long divorced. Remember, there can never be too many pictures of sunsets.

For the Sunday Edhat today, we have a bunch of intriguing content for those of you who are suffering from PPVS (Post Prince Visiting Syndrome) and those of you who aren't.

The Non-Profit of the Week is the Rona Barrett Foundation, dedicated to helping seniors in need around the country and here at home. The Cat of the Week is Scout, who likes yoga. The Dog of the Week is Miss Mia Maya, who came with her own wardrobe. Both love clicker training and give kisses and high fives.

The Urban Hikers go back to the airport and share more insights about the area and great photos. The Tourist Attraction of the Week is the Carpinteria polo fields, which were graced with the presence of England's Prince William and his bride, Catherine, on Saturday.

McSeas shares his observation of the Oryx, which looks like a deer with funny antlers, from his trip to New Mexico. Edda has advice for a questioner who was running late and lost an important account.

Did you ever find something in a long-forgotten box that zaps you back in time? Billy Goodnick found an old landscape plan from his early school days and gains some good insights.


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