Monday, July 11, 2011

Max & Rory

Pure joy can be envisioned when you take a Labrador to the beach.  Seeing this joy motivates any soul who loads Max into a car and then drives toward Haskell’s or Elwood. This joy helps  you survive the ear piercing barks that begin as soon as Max realizes this will be a beach trip.   You cannot stave off these mind numbing yips by spelling out the word beach.   Max knows “B-E-A-C-H” means beach as well as he knows “B-A-L-L” means ball for these his reasons for livening.   When he hears them he ramps quickly into frenzied enthusiasm.  Max is getting up there in dog year but he disregards the pain that will come from bad hips later in the day.  He might not be able to move after the beach excursion but he can relax with his beach going buddy, Rory.


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