Thursday, November 13, 2008

Santa Barbara Tea Fire

Santa Barbara is on fire again. At 6:15 pm tonight I was on my way to a local Veterinary meeting in Ventura when I saw the fire on the hills above Santa Barbara and Montecito. This is the opposite end of town and about 13 miles from this summer's Gap Fire. I decided to forgo the VMA meeting and to head over to my daughter's apartment. It was 72 degrees when I arrived. The fire was 300+ acres by 8:00 pm and the temperature was 82 degrees. My daughter's apartment is in an Evacuation Warning area. A warning area means prepare to evacuate. There were reports of traffic jams and the power went out. We decided to pack up her things and her cats and move back to the Goleta side of the Santa Barbara area. We are all safe and in no danger. Our prayers are with the fire fighters and for those who have lost their homes. This is a very densely populated area. The weather is hot and the wind conditions are erratic from zero to 70 mph. It looks like it will be a long night.

It look like the local news media is stepping up this time.

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Santa Barbara Fire!
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