Friday, November 14, 2008

Santa Barbara Tea Fire Day 2

Day 2:
Santa Barbara Tea Fire Information

The Official Website for information is the Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Services.

Information on animal evacuation in included on this site. These locations have capacity for many more evacuees.

Additionally, the Santa Barbara Red Cross Evacuation Center at San Marcos High School has some small animals. The C.A.R.E. Hospital is also taking in animal evacuees. I believe some other boarding facilities are as well.

This Google map is not official, but has been accurate and is easiest to read. It has been picked up by the local internet newspapers.

No veterinary hospitals are in the Mandatory Evacuation area or Warning area.

LA Times / California / Local
Good coverage with facts, photos, and AP Video.

Best and fastest local information has been through the commentary at
It has lots of local identifiers and may be difficult for a non-local to follow. It does contain some good resources for current video and photos.
The two other free papers have good information on their internet sites: The Daily Sound and The Independent.

Local TV Media are trying to do better reporting on this fire:
FOX/KTTV 11: Still playing a video from this am.

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