Saturday, January 16, 2016

She said 'Yes" to the Dress

The smart thing was to meet at Euro Pane Bakery for a lovely quiche Lorraine and a double cappuccino.  Decisions are best made with a adequate blood sugar and a little caffeine.   We have a 10:00 am appointment at Lovely Bride.  When we reach the address there is a simple door with a speaker doorbell.  This isn't a place you can just walk-in.  Appointments are required.  We clime several stairs to the upper floor where the lighting is bright and natural.  There are racks of gowns - lacy, delicate, beaded and even feathery.  I'm thankful I wasn't present for the 40 earlier dresses, just this final decision.  I'm not sharing any details...not allowed.  She will look amazing.  I'm so happy that she has found "her" gown.  It is such a personal thing and I know she was getting discouraged (remember she tried on 40 other dresses).  I'm happy for her and I'm so proud of my girl. 

January 16, 2016

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