Thursday, January 14, 2016

Because He Took a Chance on Me

Lawrence D, Longo
    Only two weeks ago Dr. Larry Longo was hoping to convince the trauma surgeon to join him in research.  He was an inspiration and a bright light in perinatal biology and reproductive biology.   For me, Dr. Longo was as big an iconic character as Einstein.  He gave me my first job after college.   I still think it was bold to post a Physiologist position in the San Bernardino Sun.  I learned surgery, data collection and the inner workings of a thriving research program.   My niece is alive today, due in part to the discoveries made by Larry and colleagues.  His passion was intense. 

   Today I visited Loma Linda for a WesternU site visit where I had the opportunity to share stories with other who knew and admired Larry.  Several mentioned Larry had given them one of the historical medical texts.  Larry gave me a pamphlet written in the early days of the bicycle.  The OB/GYN basically explained that it was not advisable for women to to ride a bicycle.  They might become too stimulated.  

   I treasure the time I spent with Lawrence D. Longo and I am glad I was able to stay in touch.  He always was welcoming when I cam back to visit or when we saw each other a science meetings.  My time at Perinatal Biology was certainly a formative experience for me and many others who passed through.  Thank you Larry. 

Diane McClure
January 14, 2016

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