Monday, November 23, 2009

The Life of a Digital Nomad

I used to be excited about staying in a hotel. It meant I was one vacation. Now it means that I am away from home on business. The bedding quality has certainly gone up. Crisp linens and feather comforters and in-room coffee maker make it pretty nice. There is even an LG flat screen TV and sometimes an iPod docking station.
As I drag along my rolling luggage, I check out the vending machine. A $2.00 Pepsi is high end. That is too much for a Diet Coke fan to pay for a Pepsi. Green tea? I must be on the West Coast. You’d never expect Green Tea in the vending machine at the Bethesda Maryland Marriott
You might think all Marriott’s are alike, Orange Ginger Bath and Bodyworks TM products are a signature reminder. There are certainly regional differences. I can tell I am in Napa because I have paper wrapped wine glasses instead of plain tumblers for water and a blue Recycle trash can next to the desk.
There is a great working desk to remind me that I am here on business. I fire up my laptop so I can check the meeting schedule. We start at 7:30 am. I check out the internet connection…hmm…$12.95/24 hrs. They have free Wi-Fi at the Starbucks across the street. In the mean time I can get a few e-mails sent over my smart phone. My thumbs can only hold out for the shorter messages.
It is 11:30 pm now and the alarm clock is flashing 12:00. I try correct the time on the alarm clock without any instructions. I want make certain it will not go off at some random time in the middle of the night (yes – been there, done that). Finally, I give up and unplug the clock. I set the alarm on my phone.
Ahh… now I am ready to close my eyes on another night on the road.

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