Monday, January 26, 2009


Oh, my dog! That guy has gorgeous hair! That’s right - I said OMD and not OMG. It’s one of my New Year’s resolutions to quit taking the Lord’s name in vain. Along that general theme of being more respectful, I am also trying to stop rolling my eyes. You never really know ho much you are doing it until you try to stop. For some reason I keep reaching up with both index fingers and pressing in at the corners of my eyes as if this will help to keep me from rolling my eyes. It doesn’t. Instead, it just draws attention to my eyes and the odd facial expressions that I am making while trying to avoid rolling my eyes.
So, let’s get back to that guy with the gorgeous hair. He is tall, like 6’ 3”. He and his three buddies all have facial hair too. Not the kind of scraggly, “just-seeing-what-I-can-grow” kind or the “just-didn’t-feel like shaving-over-the weekend-hair” but thick fully grown-in hair that had been trimmed and shaped into real fashion statements. These men put as much into the style of their facial hair as they did for the hair on the top of their heads.
So, again, let’s get back to that guy with the gorgeous hair. His think dark blonde with highlights, trimmed just above the waist. Honestly, this is the kind of hair that most women covet, but the deep navy suit and shiny black leather dress shoes were not but masculine. These guys were not my regular Starbuck’s type of customer so I wonder if these guys are in town for the Santa Barbara International Film Festival () I’m thinking it takes a lot of work to keep those luxurious locks without out appearing feminine when I catch a girly roll of the shoulders when he pulls out the patio chair. I realize in an instant that it really isn’t a womanly motion. It is simply the unconscious way you use your shoulders to keep all that hair draping down your back instead of falling into your food. OK. Now I am convinced that this is a male who put a great deal of effort into his hair. I wonder what kind of statement this guy is really trying to make when I roll my eyes and turn back to my own skinny vanilla latte.

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