Thursday, July 3, 2008

Getting news....

9:00 am: What a beautiful day! The birds are chirping. Even though we are not in beds at our own home, it feels familiar because our cat is curled up on the bed too. The official incident report hasn’t been updated for 18 hours. The local TV and radio promise they will let us know of changes. Well how about the fact that the fire went from ~200 to 2,000 acres yesterday afternoon? Isn’t that fact news worthy? It swept across the slopes of the foothills to the west. Last night we were on Farren Road which travels along the ridge on the opposite side of Tecolote Canyon (where Rancho Embarcadero is located). We could see the fire was right behind out house and sweeping around the top of the canyon.

Strike teams moved in a few minutes later. Fire trucks moved into Tecolote to protect the property.

The fire has passed Farren road now…..according to .... which I have found to be the best and most current news available.

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